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New York Times (and Bertram Lyons) on Archiving Family History

June 12, 2013


Today, the New York Times published third part of an apparent three-part “Ask the Expert” series on “Archiving Family History.”23expert-booming-archivist-popup


In this case, the expert is Bertram Lyons (right), an archivist at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress in Washington.



Addressing readers questions regarding photos, slides, films and videos, Mr. Lyons repeats many of the same things we advise our clients.

  • Don’t forget to include the descriptions and other information (otherwise known as metadata) that associated with photos and other media.
  • Even after you get something digitized, preserve and protect the original media.
  • Try to avoid lossy, compressed formats such as JPEGs and Mp3s. Instead, rely on WAVs and TIFFs.
  • Light and moisture are the greatest enemies in terms of preserving your family’s mementoes.


You can read the latest article here. You’ll find links to the other parts within the article (and you might just find a familiar name within the comments)




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