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Teaching Family History: Why It’s Important For Your Kids to Know Where They Came From.

February 26, 2013

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 11.50.26 AMWe don’t know why we haven’t shared with this you before, but here’s an academic study that proves the services we offer at Priceless Photo Preservation are important to your family’s well-being– particularly your children.

In brief, Emory University researchers found that “Children who know stories about relatives who came before them show higher levels of emotional well-being,” according to “Do You Know? The power of family history in adolescent identity and well-being

“Family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world,” Emory psychologists Robyn Fivush and Marshall Duke, and former Emory graduate student Jennifer Bohanek write in the paper, which studied dinner-time conversations and other aspects of family interaction over a multi-year period.

Why is this important? Because Priceless Photo Preservation strongly believes that its mission is not only to preserve, digitize and restore family memorabilia such as photos, scrapbooks, slides, home movies and videos.  It is also  to provide meaning to all the material we work with so our customers have the tools to ensure the stories and descriptions associated with these objects remain forever linked to those items.

That’s why we, as a partnership of professional archivists, offer services that no one else does, including:

  • Metadata. Descriptions and captions can be embedded in all the photos, negatives  and slides that we scan so that future generation know the who, what, where and when of each wonderful image. Titles are included at the front of every movie and video we convert. And we offer the option of adding narration to silent movies and slide shows we produce, so that the names and stories associated with those images are not lost.
  • Scrapbooks.  Besides being works of art in many cases, scrapbooks are indispensable sources of family history. We make sure to capture every photo caption, every notation – and give you both the individual photos and the full-page experience. No one else offers that.
  • Extra services. Haven’t recorded your grandmother talking about life during the Depression or World War II?  We can film and record oral histories – and we can combine them with slides, old movies and other images to create a kind of family documentary that will be a timeless keepsake for your family.

For more information about us and other services we offer, drop us a line at  or call us at 734-219-3916. We offer pickup and drop-off service throughout southeast Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We are now serving the Grand Rapids area as well with the same services.

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