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Gift Idea No. 10: Making Your Old Home Movies Even More Meaningful

November 29, 2012

At Priceless Photo Preservation, we strive not only to preserve family memories, but to make them meaningful for generations to come.

That’s why we embed metadata within photos and slides we capture. And add titles to our video conversions that reflect what is written on the tape cases or boxes.

Simply digitizing an analog item isn’t enough. For the conversion to be meaningful, future generations will need all the information you can give them when it comes to relatives they won’t be able to recognize or eras that make no sense to them.

It’s important to avoid what we call the  “Flea Market Effect” on your collection. That’s a reference to the stands at the flea markets filled with old photos. The pictures are beautiful and amazing – but you have no idea who is depicted in the photo, where they were and when they lived. Our business does everything it can to prevent that happening to your photos, slides and videos.

Preserve your memories with us and we’ll ensure that will never happen with your most prized possessions.

Ordinarily, that can be a challenge with home movies, whether they are on Super 8, 8mm or 16mm film.  Most of them don’t have sound. And there’s no information associated with them, except for what is written on the reel or the film box.

That’s why we’ve come up with an even better way to make these movies especially meaningful for your family for generations to come:  A special feature that no other company offers.


After we convert the movies, we will give you the option of adding commentary by a family member. Perhaps it’s an elderly parent who filmed the movies. Or perhaps it someone who was a child in the films. They can talk about what was happening at the time, either in the movie itself or more generally about family life at the time.

We can come to your house and record the narration – and even ask questions to the family member as the film is being played. Or you could record it to us and give us the tape or the mp3 file. We will embed the narration within the movie so that the memories (visual and audio) remain together. We will also put a credit at the beginning of the film, identifying who is talking and when it was recorded.

We can also work with alternative material. Let’s say a relative who was in the movies is no longer alive – but you recorded an interview with him or her years ago. We can digitize the interview (if necessary)  and insert excerpts of that interview into the films. That way, even if there is no direct narration, the movie will have one of the key “actors” talking about his or her life.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Do you have no movies but lots of slides and photos? We can create a DVD slide show from those scans and add narration. Or if you have no analog material at all you want converted – but want an oral history anyway – we can do that too. All interviews can either be audio only or recorded on HD video.

We are professional archivists after all. And most of  what we do is all about making historical items meaningful.

Of course, any of our services are available as a gift. Any service you choose to purchase, we can provide to your friends on your behalf.

As always, if you are interested, drop us a line at  or call us at 734-219-3916. We offer pickup and drop-off service throughout southeast Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We work with photos, slides, films, videos and even family photo albums and scrapbooks. We are now serving the Grand Rapids area as well with the same services.

Stay tuned for our 11th gift suggestion on Saturday.

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