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Gift Idea No. 7: A Solution to the “I have no idea where to start!” Problem

November 23, 2012

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer size of your collection?

By puuikibeach

Maybe it just seems like too much. You get anxiety every time you think about the problem, let alone set your eyes on the overflowing boxes of photos, albums and other  miscellaneous items that have piled up in your closet or other storage area for way too long. You don’t even know where to begin, let alone figure out what to do.

We can help!

At Priceless Photo Preservation, we are a partnership of university-trained professional archivists who have processed collections for non-profits across the state of Michigan and beyond. We have the experience to help you organize your collection in a way that satisfies you.

By churchillmuseum

We know how to rehouse and rehabilitate:

  •  Brochures, pamphlets, and paper souvenirs from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings,
  • baptisms and confirmations, etc.
  •  Textiles such as clothes, flags, medals.
  •  Metal and wooden goods and other physical objects.
  •  Photos housed loosely or within albums.
  •  Slides and negatives. 
  •  Videos and film stock. 

We will visit your home, take a look at your collection and do as much or as little as you want us to do. We can put together an organization plan that you can implement yourself. Or we will organize it for you, ensuring that your items are not only in order, but accessible and stored correctly.

Should you decide to take the next step and digitize your items with us, we will be happy to apply what you paid for our consulting service towards preserving your photos, albums, slides,films and video  for the digital age. Remember: Once you digitize your collection, you will finally have an answer for all those cousins who keep on bothering you about getting a copy of the photo of your great grandparents.

Of course, any of our services are available as a gift. Any service you choose to purchase, we can provide to your friends on your behalf.

As always, if you are interested, drop us a line at  or call us at 734-219-3916. We offer pickup and drop-off service throughout southeast Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We work with photos, slides, films, videos and even family photo albums and scrapbooks. We are now serving the Grand Rapids area as well with the same services.

Stay tuned for our next gift suggestion on Sunday.

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