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Gift Idea No. 6 – Yes, We Also Convert Really Old Home Movies!

November 21, 2012

OK. So you’re set with your Super 8 and 8 mm movie conversions.

Example of 8mm Film

Perhaps you had them digitized by us. Or perhaps you did them with another company 10 or 15 years ago.

Those moving images of 20-60 years ago have been preserved for posterity.

But what about those older reels in the closet?

Example of Super 8 film

You know the ones: They’re twice as wide as the home movie film you know best, they’re spooled on metal reels and perhaps they are even housed inside metal film canisters. They were shot by your grandfather – or even your great-grandfather – up to  80 years ago. You have no idea what’s on them. But you know it’s probably something good.

We can help.

At Priceless Photo Preservation, we can digitize your Super 8 and 8 mm films – but also your older 16mm films that may give you a peek at parts of your family’s history that you’ve never seen.

Example of 16mm film

Our past conversion jobs have included one of the oldest known films of a University of Michigan football game. And an extremely rare color film of 1939 Ann Arbor.

Recently, we upgraded our equipment in an effort to enhance your viewing experience and better preserve these incredible artifacts from your family’s distant past.

As with our Super 8 and 8 mm film transfers, we offer flicker-free conversions that are preserved in true 1920 x 1080 HD.

In addition, unlike most other conversion business, we include extras that we feel give your movies the historical respect they deserve.

  • Titles. We place whatever is written on the film box as titles at the beginning of each conversion so you have the descriptions and dates attached to the films themselves. Separating them into individual reels, we will organize them chronologically or in whatever order you propose. Regardless, each reel will be a separate title – and they will not all run together, the convention used by most other conversion companies.
  • Digital Files. Along with a playable DVD, you will get a separate archival disk with the digital files. Among other things, that will allow you to upload the movies to sites such as Vimeo and YouTube to share the films with distant and nearby family members without having to lend the DVDs out.
  • Soundtrack Options We can add music or keep the movies silent.
  • Narration. For an additional fee, we will allow you or another person to provide narration that we will incorporate into the soundtrack. This is especially important so that your sons, daughters, grandchildren and future family members know who certain family members are in the film, what they were doing and any other details that will help make your film an important part of family history.  We will write more about this offering in a future blog post.

Here’s an example of a recent conversion of an unknown black-and-white reel we recently discovered. It appears to be of young men swimming laps in an indoor pool during an identified year. (Warning: Sensitive folks might want to shield their eyes from the brief glimpse of a naked male butt at the 1:20 mark)

As always, if you are interested, drop us a line at  or call us at 734-219-3916. We offer pickup and drop-off service throughout southeast Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We work with photos, slides, films, videos and even family photo albums and scrapbooks. We are now serving the Grand Rapids area as well with the same services.

Stay tuned for our next gift suggestion on Friday.

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