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Gift Idea No: 5 A Hardcover Book of Your Childs Artwork

November 19, 2012

Image by ericarhiannon
Do you have boxes of art made by your children or grandchildren? How wonderful
would it be to make that art available year ‘round, instead of the handful of times
you can find the boxes?

Priceless Photo Preservation has a great solution. One of our services is turning
your children’s artwork into convenient coffee table-ready books.

Our associate, Hanna, is terrifically skilled with converting your images
to an attractive item you’ll be glad to show off to friends. Our art books make a
wonderful stocking stuffer, and in the larger sizes it becomes a lovely centerpiece
gift for the parents, grandparents, godparents and assorted other loved ones in your family.

Just think of what an art book will do for you and yours. Instead of a jumbled folder in the closet, you will have an easily accessible record of your child’s endeavor to become the next Picasso or Leonardo. Your child will love feeling like a real artist. And the loved ones in your life will be able to share in some of the tangible highlights of your son or daughter’s life whenever they flip open the book. (Not to mention, for those with long-distance relatives, the book will be an instant conversation starter over the phone or Skype in the weeks, if not months, that follow the holidays).

These books are a point of pride for families, with lovely end-paper at the beginning and end. Special binding is also available.

The pages themselves are a great place to collect handwritten signatures and stories. We can even include a picture of your child and a book-style mini-bio that you supply. And if you have photos of three-dimensional objects your child crafted – for example, a sculpture, ceramic pot or multi-media collage – we can feature them too.

Remember: Any of our services are available as a gift. Any service you choose to purchase, we can provide to your friends on your behalf.

As always, if you are interested, drop us a line at  or call us at 734-219-3916. We offer pickup and drop-off service throughout southeast Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We work with photos, slides, films, videos and even family photo albums and scrapbooks. We are now serving the Grand Rapids area as well with the same services.

Stay tuned for our next gift suggestion on Wednesday.

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