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The Priceless Difference :Jpg vs Tiff

May 16, 2012

We are proud to offer with every job we do an archival file format as well as a more compressed easier for the Internet to handle file format.

Why do we do this? The Internet is for sharing and we understand that. Most sites only accept file formats in condensed formats such as jpg or mpg or place a file size limit on uploads. These files we supply are smaller files and perfectly good quality for sharing with friends and family but when it comes to long term storage they are not adequate. This is why we supply archival copies of files too.

Tiff file formats, one of our archival formats, are not “lossy” meaning repeated openings, edits, and uploads, won’t cause your digital files to slowly degrade over time. Lossy formats pixelate over time and lose their crisp look over time defeating the purpose of digitizing them to begin with!

This is just one of many Priceless Photo Preservation differences!

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