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Much ado about Enhancment

December 12, 2011

A great debate in the archival world is how to preserve an item when converting it to a digital format. As is? As was? As intended? And these are valid questions for those who are digitizing their own photos, slides, and film and in essence starting their own family archive.

Everything from film down to slides can experience harsh conditions during their lifetime, and these conditions can leave them worse for the wear. This is where we can step in. We can help restore your images to any of the above states, and sometimes this can make all the difference in the world.

Take the slide below for example, pre-enhancement. Even without clicking on the image to view it larger you can see the blue sky scattered with spots. Upon enlargement ( please click the image!) you can see that there are spots on faces, shirts, arms, and everything else making this image before treatment completely unsuited for being enlarged, let alone making a nice smaller print

Slides, much like this one, are prone to scratches and even our compressed air can not get every bit of dust and fuzz off.


Below we can view post-enhancement. Colors are unaltered, so the originality of the film is not being lost, we are just bringing the image back to “new”, what the slide or photograph originally looked like upon print.


So the question stands how do you want your personal archive  stored. As is? As was? As intended?

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