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Metadata (aka “Who is that, Dad?”)

November 13, 2011

It’s a common enough conversation.

You sit down at the holidays with your children and grandchildren, and open the family photo albums. You find a photo of Great-Grandpa John who fought in the Argonne Forest during WWI, then was elected to the state legislature. Perhaps there is a photo of Great-Aunt Mary Beth who operated a furniture business in Washtenaw County, and lobbied for women’s suffrage.

Then you hear it.

“Yeah, but Dad, who is that?”

You find yourself staring at a photo of someone you can’t name, which is frustrating because you know you’ve seen this photo a hundred times since you were a child.

The stories that you remember (and the ones that you don’t) are what we call metadata. The important thing is that they are all the important facts your family can’t stand to forget.

At Priceless Photo Preservation, we work to preserve all of the information printed on the back of your photos, the names of family members whose service and labor are part of an American heritage– part of the story of the state of Michigan.

Because really, it’s a legacy to your family that they never forget the amazing places their family has been, and the amazing challenges they’ve overcome.

For more information about how we can preserve your family’s most precious memories at Priceless Photo Preservation, go to our web page, subscribe to our Twitter feed and become a fan of us on Facebook

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